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Scrum Master Contracts


Agiliqui provides embedded team coaching as Scrum Master for short and medium-term assignments, or to provide cover, mentoring or expertise whilst awaiting a permanent hire.

My approach is to create a collaborative environment using Scrum’s inspect and adapt core, to get the most valuable things done first and frequently. Get the team up and running with a steady flow of work towards an identified product goal, and then look at what problems are being surfaced.



A new team needs to know its individual’s skills, preferences, aspirations, boundaries. We need to iron out enough differences in our experiences so that we can have a common way of working, whilst benefiting from all that diversity.

We need to agree how to visualise work, how to estimate, how to divide work, how to assist each other, resolve conflict, work with other teams and stakeholders. We need to learn what to tolerate, what to refuse, what to challenge, what to leave for now.



I’ll make sure we start with a basic roadmap showing the product vision, a sufficiently stacked backlog to start meaningful feature development, and a working structure which allows measurement for predictability.



If you need a contract Scrum Master for 1 or 2 teams to:

  • Spin up a new team, or re-set an existing one.
  • Help scrum teams become aware of and fix their problems.
  • Surface realistic information about likely outcomes for predictable planning.
  • Provide the mechanical aspects of Scrum: event facilitation, product backlogs, MVP selection, estimation, forecasting etc.
  • Improve team empowerment, trust building and accountability.
  • Complement the work of incumbent agile coaches by relating teams’ reality to wider improvement initiatives.