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Thinking of hiring a Scrum Master?


As Licenced Guide with the Agile Mastery Institute, I can offer market-leading training to complement day-to-day Scrum Mastery

The Scrum Mastery Pathway was launched by renowned industry author, coach and trainer Geoff Watts in 2022 to answer the need for long-term supported training towards mastery of the role.

I’m proud to be licenced by Geoff to be able to teach and evolve the Pathway which sets out to help good Scrum Masters become great Scrum Masters.

Learning Path


The Scrum Mastery Pathway is a long term supported learning path to help Scrum Masters become great at their job.   The Pathway is a 6 month commitment for serious practitioners on the road to mastery of their craft

Through multi modal learning the Scrum Mastery Pathway will show you how to:

  • Learn how to lead change through having Respect as a Scrum Master
  • Be tactfully disruptive
  • To enable self managing teams
  • To inspire engagement and empowerment of your teams
  • and more

The first Scrum Mastery Pathway cohort will be opening soon. If you’d like to know more, please

The Explorer Workshop

In person training days going through each of the RETRAINED aspects.  Small cohorts to interactively learn about the soft skills that make a great Scrum Master.

The Navigator Period

A minimum of 20 hours  personalised,  supported sessions to explore what matters to you as a Scrum Master. Topics chosen by the group

Augmented by lifetime access to the eCourse video modules, coaching cards mobile app  and a hard copy of the Geoff Watts’ book Scrum Mastery; From Good to Great Servant Leadership

An online support community for discussing your real world problems, experiments and questions.

1-1 coaching, with ongoing  support available.

The Adventurer Workshop

The Adventurer Workshop formally concludes the 3 modules by going deeper on RETRAINED and applying the learned experiences of the last 6 months.