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Thinking of hiring an Agile Coach?


If you’re considering hiring an Agile Coach, it’s probably because you have sensed the need for more ‘agility’ in your business.

Business Agility is the ability to adapt rapidly so as to deliver valuable, relevant outcomes when the world changes. It’s said that change itself has changed; it has never been so fast as it is now, and will never be as slow as this again.



Agile coaching helps the people who work in changing environments become more effective and successful. It encompasses coaching, facilitating, teaching, mentoring, consultancy and client service, all applied with an open and deliberate usage of agile techniques to address the client’s needs.

Agile coaching needs licence to operate at individual, team, leadership and systemic levels if it is to be effective.



Martin has been working over several years to help professionalise the world of agile coaching, through contribution to the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel. This is a tool that helps agile practitioners manage their own skills development, and which clients can use to think about what competencies to seek in their Agile Coach.



If you need a contract Agile Coach to:

  • Help leverage from of a wide range of agile and lean principles.
  • Coach teams, individuals, leaders and entire systems.
  • Use professional coaching techniques to empower the client
  • Provide facilitation – be that an event, a workflow, an agile framework or a culture through behavioural change
  • Guide learning through teaching and mentoring
  • Take a partnership stance, crafting a working agreement with the client to identify  their goals, boundaries and create accountability and awareness.
  • Provide consultancy and advice when appropriate